The Globe Trotter collection, designed by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for Roche Bobois, is inspired by the legendary adventurers, explorers, and collectors who passionately discovered new cultures during their expeditions. Choosing the Montgolfier brothers, creators of the hot air balloon as the emblem of the collection, Wanders has skillfully mixed historical references with ideas of imaginary journeys to create this “promenade collection” that is both unique and eclectic.

This collection is a tribute to the adventurers that we all dreamed of being. Travelling can be a life-changing experience, and we wanted each piece to seem like it was a treasure brought back from a far-away country.” – Designer Marcel Wanders

The heart of the collection is a large illustrated fresco featuring an assorted and multi-coloured pattern which adorns most of the models throughout the collection.

The Montgolfière sofa and Uplighting collection evoke the silhouette of the original hot air balloons. The Mariposa lamp alludes to the animal kingdom of the skies. The Dojo bookcase transports us to Japan. The La Parisienne tables pay homage to the celebrations of the City of Light, with the legs dressed in exclusive fabrics. The Opérette chair is cosmopolitan, with its three patterns representing three international stopovers; whereas the graphic silhouette of the Chess occasional tables allude to a giant game of chess.

From London to Paris, and on to Istanbul, are a set of three rugs that feature a large illustrated fresco inspired by the three great cities. The motif can also be found on the small cushions, and on the interiors of the mysterious Wonder Cabinet.

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