Roche Bobois, a world leader in furniture design and distribution, offers a broad range of exclusive made-to-order designs, manufactured with a high level of customisation in small European workshops. Their collection includes sofas, armchairs, cocktail tables, dining chairs, sideboards, beds, wardrobes, storage, cushions, rugs, lighting and accessories. They have worked closely with renowned designers and Haute Couture fashion houses.

The interior designer Bruno Moinard has imagined, for Roche Bobois, the Paris Paname collection; a collection of furniture and accessories made of noble materials, which combines sobriety of lines and elegance; a collection that embodies “the French Art De Vivre” according to Roche Bobois.

This is the first time that Roche Bobois, the manufacturer of Nouveaux Classiques furniture, has given free reign to a guest artist. This is because “Bruno Moinard embodies both the savoir-faire and the French art de vivre” that are so dear to the brand. He is an accomplished artist, working as a designer and interior designer, scenographer, painter and photographer. In 1979, he joined Andrée Putman and Ecart International, before founding his own architectural firm, 4BI, in 1995. His signature style is based on the affectionate integration of French Culture into his projects.

Roche Bobois has dedicated an exclusive showroom space at 193 Boulevard Saint Germain, in Paris for the collection. The showroom’s interior architecture has also been redesigned by Bruno Moinard himself and presents the full collection in a luxurious and refined atmosphere.

Within the Paris Paname collection, two design languages combine: the first one speaks of volume and wooden textures, and the second, is lighter and more geometrically-centred while retaining the same nobility in materials: thin brushed brass tubes, lacquer, and vintage leather. The result is a cohesive collection that allows the combination of different forms and materials, mixing clean lines with sensual elegance.

I imagined pieces of furniture that you would never get tired of. Pieces that would stand the test of time. I wanted to give character and precision to shapes and materials inspired by the 1950s. I sought to create sensations without too much ostentation. This furniture collection is like a chameleon: it is both classic and modern, without overshadowing the volumes.” – Bruno Moinard, interior designer

Paris Paname revisits the classics and is a coherent collection, offering reminiscent shapes and materials, with a timeless spirit. The bedroom has a generously sized headboard, a real invitation to rest. It encases two elegant bedside tables combining wood, leather and glass. It is complemented with a dressing table, a marriage of geometric shapes and fine lines, and a mirror which is both graceful and balanced.

A focal point of the collection is the composable sofa, made up of separate elements, for example the two-seater version; more intimate but just as welcoming and comfortable. The round dining table plays with perspective, by proposing three asymmetrical feet connected by a star base in brushed brass. The travertine tray is elegantly paired with leather-clad feet. The chest of drawers and wardrobe offer different storage spaces with leather-wrapped interiors. On the front, the angles are rounded, giving the overall appearance of soft lines.

The desk featuring wavy sycamore, a brass structure, and a matching chair is perfect for the office. The magazine holder with its lacquer top can be used in any space. The immense mirror, a balance between straight and curved lines, is a spectacular living room piece.