McLaren has just unveiled the latest variant of the Senna and, at 1,700 kg, it is 500kg heavier than the last offering of the track specific Senna. The reason for this increase in weight is due to the body panels and interior being constructed not using carbon fibre but plastic blocks made by LEGO; one metric tonne worth of LEGO elements to be exact.

The life-size re-creation of the most track-focused McLaren is the second collaboration between McLaren and LEGO. The first coming in 2017 when they delivered the 1:1 scale model of the McLaren 720S model. However, the latest collaboration takes the realism factor one step further by incorporating actual elements from a real Senna.

Inside the cabin, we have the lightweight carbon-fibre driving seat, steering wheel, pedals and the infotainment system from the real Senna. Outside, the McLaren badges, functioning lights, wheels and Pirelli tyres are the same as those fitted on the real Senna. The doors open in the original dihedral pattern but are made from LEGO bricks. The other difference is that the driver’s doors can be removed to allow easy access into the cabin.

Guests can sit inside, behind the actual wheel, operate the lights and infotainment system, and even push the start button in the roof which simulates 4.0 litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine roaring into life.

Here are some of the staggering statistics related to the project: A total of 467,854 individual LEGO elements were used in the construction of the Senna, that’s almost 200,000 more bricks than what was used to construct the 720S model. In terms of time, 2,725 hours were needed by teams of up to 10 model-makers working round the clock. To put that into perspective, the real Senna takes 300 hours to assemble, which means that the Lego version takes nearly nine times longer to produce. If we add in the time spent on design and development, the total time goes up to 4,935 hours, involving 42 individuals from both McLaren and Lego.

The Lego Senna is finished in replica Victory Grey and is contrasted by orange highlights. This is the same colour scheme found on Lego’s 219-piece, 15cm-long McLaren Senna Speed Champions edition which was released earlier this year. The full-scale replica can be appreciated up close and personal at a number of events around the world this year, including the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the UK, in early July.