Bentley has broken a new ground in the automotive world by integrating Bang & Olufsen’s revolutionary BeoSonic audio equalisation interface into the new Continental GT. BeoSonic replaces the complex variables of traditional audio equalisation with a simple and intuitive one-touch user interface where the user can choose between four distinct audio “spaces”: Bright, Energetic, Warm & Relaxed.

The BeoSonic user interface allows you to change equalisation based on your mood, which means fewer inputs are required to achieve their desired audio experience. When changing between sound spaces, you will instantly hear the difference: you can change from a very precise and narrow sound to a much more open and surrounding listening experience.” – Ashley Blakemore, Head of Infotainment and Audio at Bentley.

The selection of the sound spaces is adjusted through an easy-to-use, haptic touchscreen interface integrated into the multimedia system. The interface displays an eclipse design with a digital white marker. The user can select the desired sound space by moving the marker between the four different spaces. A colour palette behind the eclipse reflects the chosen sound mode. The surround intensity can also be adjusted with a pinching gesture. Additional settings can optimise the whole system for front or rear seat passengers.

The system is the fruit of a collaboration between the audio design and engineering teams of Bentley, HARMAN International and Bang & Olufsen. It features 16 active loudspeakers and a powerful 1,500-watt BeoCore DSP amplifier ensuring an impressive high-quality sound.

The speakers included in this package feature distinctive grilles finished in aluminium with holes set in a uniquely-designed Fibonacci hole pattern. The speakers also feature LED illumination which welcomes the driver when the system turns on. The Bang & Olufsen logo is debossed into the leather next to the grilles.

To ensure an optimal audio experience in the cabin environment, the new Bentley Continental GT also features laminated acoustic glass windscreen and side windows which reduce exterior noise ingress.