Bally’s Fall-Winter 2018 collection celebrates the nostalgia of leaving and the anticipation of embarking on something new. Friendship and youthful vigour are personified through vibrant recollections of a playful, carefree existence. Shoes play on the boundary between dress and casual wear. Accessories are easy to carry. Bally’s signifiers are interpreted throughout.

Shoes feature eccentric derbys with exaggerated soles alongside leather moccasins and crepe sole suede loafers and boots, presenting a diverse and technically dynamic collection.

Bags include the multi-pocketed and versatile Crew backpack as the focus alongside the updated sporty Slam collection, and new Vita-Parcours inspired trio. The classic Sommet feels sportier in canvas matching the new duffle with leather detailing and archive Bally logo.

The palette is vintage and muted, composed of jean, dusty rose, ochre, snuff, bone and bally red flashed with stronger tones of canary yellow, lobster, marine blue and corvette red. The materials include suede, light leather skins, croco printed leather and bird jacquard. New for Bally in this collection is PVC.

Logos are repeated throughout dating back to the early 1920s through to the 50s and 70s, revived from archival typography and graphics. The stripe signifier is reinterpreted in arrow form, inspired by Bally’s elastic ribbons from the 1840s.