Rampley & Co was “born out of a desire to create elegant pocket squares through unique designs and high-quality materials to showcase British luxury to a global audience. The core company principles are to create unique fashion accessories through innovative design, exquisite materials and quality craftsmanship.

Rampley & Co’s new Historic Handkerchiefs Collection aims to recreate famous works of art on beautiful silk pocket squares. The company worked in collaboration with the renowned Museum of London to get access to the original works of art and to photograph them.

Once designs were finalised, expert colourist painstakingly worked to ensure that the sampling process produced the closest possible match to the original painting before producing the finished product. The task of replicating printings with complicated images and with multiple colour blends onto silk is a difficult one, to say the least, but seems worth it, given the stunning final hand rolled silk pocket squares that have come into fruition.

In addition to pocket squares, Rampley & Co also offers premium handmade ties, braces, socks, and umbrellas.