Hackett has been the official team clothing supplier for the Aston Martin Racing team since 2005. The cliche “match made in heaven” seems fitting when describing this partnership as they both share a distinctly British style heritage; of understated refinement, of elegance, and of uncompromising quality.

The story of this partnership began one day, 14 years ago, when David Richards, the then top man at Aston Martin walked into one of Hackett’s London stores. Jeremy Hackett, the brand’s founder, happened to be there and they got chatting about doing something together. The branded clothing line that resulted from that chance meeting proved to be such a success that today Hackett produces two lines of Aston Martin branded men’s clothing; Aston Martin Racing collections and the capsule collection Aston Martin by Hackett.

Aston Martin Racing collection began with Hackett producing official branded team-wear for Aston Martin’s racing team. Then Hackett started manufacturing replicas of Aston Martin team-wear in limited quantities for sale in their stores. The replicas proved to be so popular that Hackett could barely keep up with the demand.

As time passed, Hackett gradually expanded the Aston Martin range of sports-inspired menswear, which today includes t-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, gilets, jackets, chinos, and jeans. The collection also includes branded accessories: caps, cotton towels, wallets, backpacks, and so on.

The collection is the result of a close collaboration between the two brand’s design teams which is in line with the colours and details seen on the Aston Martin race cars.

Aston Martin Race Car

The Spring/Summer ’18 collection “was inspired by a flash of lime green from the current racing car and has been paired with a super classics colour palette of navy, cobalt blue, red and stone grey. The Aston Martin and Hackett logos adorn the items as a point of reference with subtle elegance for sporting attire,” according to a statement by Hackett.

Aston Martin by Hackett is a capsule collection that began in 2016 and is a more formal range of clothes including jackets, flannel trousers and classic-cut shirts. “Attention to sumptuous detail, combined with the finest fabrics are evident within the capsule range and pay clear tribute to the elegance and quality that remain a constant feature of the Aston Martin, Hackett partnership.” (hackett.com)