Louboutin’s Retro F/W2018 Collection

Inspired by the energy of interior design from the 1960’s and 1970’s, Christian Louboutin’s Fall-Winter 2018 collection for men and women lets in the creative freedom of the period and boldly stands at the crossroad between decoration and fashion. This collection contains true objets d’art, for they share a common language with iconic pieces of furniture from this era.

Textures such as lustrous leathers, upholstery textiles, glossy fabrics, wood and mineral elements, all diverted from their ornamental purpose, have been used exuberantly. The colours are bold with velvety shades, bright hues, unexpected prints, blinding metallic highlights and even a touch of gold.

A heel with an asymmetrical shape, clear PVC heels, transparent uppers sprinkled with shiny pearls, sneakers plated with reflecting fabric and metallic spikes over the toes caps are just some of the creative innovations one can find in this collection.

Accessories include soft-curved clutches and cabas which also exhibit free-spirited combinations of bright colours and lavish materials.