Frédéric Boucheron was a designer whose instinct was guided by a taste for innovation and entrepreneurial vision. Just as one senses the sparkle of a jewel even before it is shaped, he imagined French jewellery before it came into existence. Today, 160-years later, a glance through the maison’s order-books unravels a world where the Romanovs, Pahlavis and Windsors rub shoulders with the aristocracy of the New World – the Goulds and Vanderbilts – the courtesans of the demi-monde – La Païva and the Countess di Castiglione – the high society of the Left Bank and Hollywood – from Françoise Sagan to Joan Crawford – and Indian princesses.

To honour the 160 years of creation and innovation, Boucheron has unveiled the ‘Nature Triomphante’ collection which pays tribute to the beauty of nature with ‘Eternal Flowers,’ and also to the innovative and free spirit of the Maison with ‘Between Heritage And Innovation.’

‘Eternal Flowers’ comprises nine unique models of flower-rings featuring petals from anemone, pansy, hydrangea and peony; and crowned by padparadscha sapphire, spessartite garnet, indigolite tour-maline and jonquil diamond. Using an exclusive technique to immortalise living matter, Boucheron offers a hyperrealist portrait of nature that is organic and sophisticated.


The natural flowers are first scanned to capture their volumes at the finest detail. The petals are then stabilised without pigments or chemicals and mounted on the titanium flower volume. This technique was perfected in collaboration with an artist-petallist and is backed by years of research to offer a modern, sensual and eternal expression of femininity that is full of fantasy.

The unique and exclusive technique used in the Eternal Flowers collection inspired Claire Choisne, Creative Director at Boucheron, to carry it into the second component of the ‘Nature Triomphante’ collection: ‘Between Heritage And Innovation.’ Here are some of the standout creations.

The Lierre Givre necklace was created by scanning an actual branch of ivy, which has preserved every detail of the plant. The necklace is a marriage of titanium and cacholong, the spines feature micro pave-set diamonds, while a trembler animates each ivy leaf.

The Fleur De Pluie brooch is inspired by the skeleton flower and features white gold, rock crystal and pave-set diamonds at microscopic volumes along the pistil and spines.

The Nuage De Fleurs necklace is based on hydrangea petals and captures their actual curves and wrinkles. It is created with pink gold lined with mother-of-pearl, pave-set diamonds, and a 42.96-carat cushion-cut pink tourmaline.

The Fleur Graphique necklace combines the realism of natural plant volumes with an Art Deco-inspired graphic style. In white nacre and black lacquer, the chevron pattern was achieved by parting with traditional marquetry techniques to create contrasting depths and several curved forms. It is set with a 5.65-carat Colombian cushion-cut emerald which offers three distinct wear options.

The Fleur De Nuit necklace is in tanzanite and features goldstone, a 1.59-carat pear-cut diamond, as well as encrusted diamonds depicting a Milky Way sky in midnight blue.