Enchaînements Libres: Hermès High Jewellery

The Enchaînements libres collection lies at the heart of Hermès’ une joaillerie de la forme vision of fine jewellery, in which “design is at the centre of the stylistic message, and materials are crafted to showcase the splendour of the precious stone and the virtuosity of the stone-setter’s hand. The technical conception, guided by the fundamental notion of a connection between beauty and use, sustains an intimate relationship between metal and the body,” according to the maison.

The collection features six components:

Adage Hermès is the quintessence of a chain treated like a sculpture that plays on contrasts and asymmetry. It combines rose gold with white gold pavé-set with brilliant-cut diamonds.

Rose gold lends structure to the lines and illuminates the Hermès Fusion necklace and earrings pieces with its polished facets. The unique lightness of titanium gives life to the design’s spectacular dimensions.

A dazzling interplay of scale and texture, Hermès Voltige exploits all the supple qualities of the chain with Yellow Gold and Diamonds and is complemented by a Bracelet and a pair of Earrings.

A veritable whirlwind, Hermès Grand Jeté is an extravaganza of playful creativity. The necklace and bracelet feature rose gold, diamonds, pink opals and black jade, pearls, orange sapphire and topaz.

The classic elegance of Chaîne d’ancre zoom is enhanced by a large rock crystal cabochon surrounded by diamonds and Rose gold; a subtle play on proportions.

Hermès Petit Jeté is composed according to the principle of a random-link chain. This intelligently organised disorder is punctuated with cushion-cut, pear-cut, and ovale-cut diamonds.