Lined in the finest goatskin, Moynat’s Mini Vanity is small in size but high in style. It acts as a surprisingly modern piece of jewellery that doubles as a wristlet. The intricate craft and precision behind the creation of the Mini Vanity is truly a delight for the connoisseur. The Mini Vanity is a celebration of heritage and the spirit of innovation instilled in the House by Creative Director Ramesh Nair.

“The Mini Vanity is a creation that travels through the past, the present and the future” – Ramesh Nair, Creative Director, Moynat.

The Mini Vanity comes with a large heritage: its ancestor, the “malle en maroquin rouge,” dressed in a distinctive leather patchwork and studs was the award-winning masterpiece that captured hearts and minds at the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts decoratifs et industriels modernes in Paris. The Mini Vanity and its variations celebrate this rich heritage through the specialty leather techniques used to create their eye-catching liveries.

This minimal yet perfectly proportioned cube is the true heir to Moynat’s 167-year heritage as a luxury trunk maker.