Since 1912, the iconic Italian pen manufacturer, Montegrappa has been famous for its rich heritage in designing handcrafted exquisite pens. The brand has commemorated some of the world’s most renowned artists, writers, and historical figures, all recognized for their outstanding contribution to mankind such as Nelson Mandela, Khalil Gibran, Ernest Hemingway and Salvador Dali. This year, the brand created a Year of Zayed Pen to commemorate the Founding Father of the UAE, and also created the Ishy Bilady Pen, which features words from the UAE’s national anthem in Arabic calligraphy across its barrel and cap.

The manufacturer has now presented its latest piece, ‘The Samurai’, conceived to recognise the most noble combatants throughout history; those who fought to change the course of human events.

‘The Samurai’ is part-writing instrument, part-objet d’art and part-action figure and is a prime example of the brand’s artistic creations with no stones left unturned.

The collection, available as a fountain pen, is limited to just 177 pens in Sterling Silver and a further 7 in solid Gold. Each piece is unique and is fitted with an 18k gold nib. This ultra-luxury pen took three years to complete and comes in a luxurious box with piano black lacquer with red velvet interior and the ancient Chinese Samurai character printed on the top. In addition to the Samurai “action-figure” pen, the box also includes a customized bottle of ink, carrying bag and a katana sword to use as a fully functional paper cutter.

Inspired by Japan’s famed warriors, it comes clad in a historically accurate suit of armour, painstakingly rendered through the ancient lost-wax technique, which is more commonly used in jewellery-making. As a result, the suit’s “kuwagata” helmet, “kote” sleeve armour and layered, embroidered “kusazuri” skirt are recreated in unfathomable detail.

The pen is a rare combination of a writing instrument and a decorative figurine with the Samurai’s cap forming the head, breast and arms of the soldier and the pen barrel comprising the figure’s lower limbs and the writing component’s juncture. Adding to the unparalleled intricacy, the hand and waist armour are hinged, so they are detachable, as are the limbs, for moving respectively.

The Samurai’ by Montegrappa is the first model in their Warriors Collection.