Montblanc’s new techno-bridge between the old and the new

If there was ever a technological innovation that deserved the title ‘a bridge between two worlds,’ then Montblanc’s new ‘TWIN Smart Strap’ certainly must be the one.

With the new TWIN Smart Strap, Montblanc has further narrowed the gap between the analogue and digital watchmaking worlds,” explains Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

The idea of a Smart Strap is rooted in the growing desire for digital functionalities to be added to classic timepieces, which are emotional objects with deep history and meaning to their owners. That is why we developed a smart solution that can be attached to most timepieces of any brand. The timepiece remains untouched, while Montblanc TWIN Smart Strap is the innovative companion that elegantly enhances this relationship.” – Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

Montblanc’s TWIN Smart Strap consists of two parts: One is the ‘Smart Module’ with a curved display and the second is the specially designed strap.

The Smart Module is thin, lightweight, made of high-quality watch-grade stainless steel, and covered by a special curved glass that is highly resistant to scratches and shocks. It doubles as a mechanical clasp to fasten the analogue timepiece. It is designed to blend in with most timepieces.

Inside, it has a curved monochrome OLED display. Its engine is an NFC chip with ‘Secure Element’ feature that enables easy contactless payments. On this platform runs Montblanc’s ‘TWIN companion app’ for iOS. Bluetooth connectivity enables wireless communication. LED light array and vibration are used for alerts. It is IP68 water resistant and allows for up to a week autonomy on a single charge.

‘Montblanc Pay’ is an all-new mobile payment platform that allows the Smart Module to act as a digital wallet and execute contactless payment.

Montblanc’s new ‘TWIN Smart Strap’

‘Montblanc Pay’ enables the user to digitalise up to five credit cards. To ensure the highest security standards, ease of use and reliability, Montblanc Pay was developed in full partnership with Visa and Mastercard. Security features include sensors that deactivate the payment function in case of loss or theft; and state-of-the-art data encryption to prevent hacking of credit card data and other personal information.

The TWIN companion app also captures time in a new way. It graphically visualises the user’s daily activities in a colourful ring pattern. Each of these daily rings become a digital diary when zoomed into, giving the user visual feedback and insights on activities, step tracking, payment overview, and another new feature “Memories;” which automatically synchronizes the TWIN companion app with the user’s iPhone, by automatically copying any picture or video taken from the phone into the respective calendar event.

The strap is made from a high-quality rubber composite with structural blocks specially designed to allow easy adjustment. It can be mounted on most timepieces without any tools, and adjustable to any wrist size. It is available in two different widths, 22 and 20 mm. The upper part of the strap allows further personalisation as it is available in four different versions: black calf leather, vintage brown calf leather, black nylon and black & grey striped nylon.