Led by Founder and CEO Ralph R. Debbas, W Motors creates some of the most exclusive and technologically advanced vehicles on the market today in partnership with leading automotive engineering and manufacturing companies around the globe.

The first hypercar created by W Motors was the iconic Lykan HyperSport, which catapulted the company to international stardom when it took center stage as hero car in Universal Studios’ Furious 7. The all-new Fenyr SuperSport is the latest model to be launched by the company, a limited edition with a production run of only 110 cars including 10 “Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions”.

Tetsumi Shinchi (L) with Ralph R. Debbas (R)

W Motors recently announced that all 10 of its ultra-exclusive Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions have been sold. The last remaining five models were whipped up by avid supercar collector Tetsumi Shinchi, Chairman and CEO of one of Japan’s most illustrious businesses, Shibaura Group Holdings Inc. this month.

“I am thrilled that the last Launch Editions have found their new home amongst the best hypercars in the world, with a collector who truly appreciates them. On delivery of the cars, and at Mr. Shinchi’s 2021 exhibition, will be the first time in history that we will be able to admire five specially commissioned Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions at the same time, in the same place, owned by the same owner!”

Ralph R. Debbas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, W Motors
The Mega Supercar Motor Show 2019

Shinchi showcased his supercar collection comprising 30 of the rarest motors in the world at his private ‘Mega Supercar Motor Show’ in Fukuoka, Japan earlier in July, in the presence of Ralph R. Debbas. The five Fenyr SuperSport Launch Editions will join Shinchi’s line up at the 2021 edition of the event.