To be in print is to be permanent. It is to be real, tactile. It is to possess, to own,

Although Signé has expanded to cater to the growth in digital media readership with the launch of its website and social media channels, print continues to be the essence of the brand. It is through the printed bi-monthly magazine that Signé is able to materialise its cherished values – that of being a promoter of luxury goods and services, of highlighting the time-honoured savoir-faire that goes into producing true luxury, and giving voice to the connoisseurs of refined things.

We Love The Printed Matter.

Why Print?
Being tactile, a quality that digital media can never possess, is the one around which the Signé print edition is created – from the choice of using recycled, premium Fedrigoni paper for the way it feels when touched, to the thickness of each leaf to give it a sense of depth. It is all about how one feels as one read through the pages. Print may be in decline, but it is not dead. There will always be those who appreciate the finer things in life, not because it is trending, but because they know the story behind it and are able to discern. There will always be those that want to feel, to touch what they read.

While it is true that subscriptions for print media have been on the decline, the practice of reading itself has not declined. In fact, surveys have shown that in most of the developed markets, the number of readers and the number of titles, both have generally experienced an upward trend in the decade that just ended.

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