Every year in April, with Salone del Mobile, Milan becomes the centre of the design world; when leading brands and designers come together to display their most innovative design concepts. Preciosa Lighting of Bohemia spent a week in Milan on exhibiting their latest installation: a playful, interactive lighting experience called ‘Breath of Light.’

This eye-catching installation invites visitors to interact with it, and with each other by merely breathing into it. Using special sensors, the simple act of breathing created a magnificent light and sound show.

Breath of Light is meant to be a social, interactive experience, an opportunity for people to discover a surprising moment of delight,” said Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting during the event. “We were so pleased to see visitors’ eyes light up when they had a chance to contribute to the light and sound spectacle created from sharing a simple breath.

Breath of Light revealed the playful, contemporary side of Preciosa, the brand associated with crystal and chandeliers. The installation was designed to “inject new life into lighting concepts” by inviting visitors to interact with this eye-catching exhibition.

Breath of Light is one of the most intriguing designs Preciosa has created. It demonstrates that with design and technical ingenuity it is possible to transform the properties of chandeliers into playful installations. It will be a fascinating experience that will not only create many smiles but also make guests’ catch their breath in awe.” – Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting.

Preciosa Lighting is part of the Preciosa Group of Bohemia who, since 1724, has produced and cultivated chandeliers according to original Bohemian traditions. The very highest standards of craftsmanship, unique technical knowledge, and the distinctiveness of its designs make Preciosa one of the world’s leading manufacturers of beautiful glass chandeliers, and high-precision cut crystal components.