The essence of Corneliani’s tailoring lies in building things around the wishes, demands, needs and desires of the client. It is about creating an experience for the wearer.

With this in mind, Corneliani has revealed its FW 18/19 collection that builds an open repertoire of possibilities. It initiates a dialogue with the wearer, inviting to discover details and characteristics through use, day by day.

The collection suggests new ways of style: impeccable functional outerwear, effortless businesswear, refined leisurewear. Traditional patterns are enhanced in outerwear and tailoring, while technical pieces gain unexpected aplomb. Color and functional details are hidden on the inside, pleasing the wearer, not the public. Shapes are essential and streamlined, drawing a soft silhouette. The dynamism of skiing adds élan; precious leathers and furs provide the pleasure of texture. A muted palette of painterly, dense tones reaffirms the Corneliani roots, strongly linked to Mantua.