Ghawali – traditional Arabian perfumery reinterpreted

Ghawali, founded in 2016, represents the next generation of oriental fragrances. Its luxurious perfumes, ouds, oils, bokhours, and bath-and-body products offer a contemporary interpretation of a time-honoured tradition. Experts in layering, Ghawali’s variety of products are specially created to be worn together, caressing the skin with a beautiful harmony of fragrance. Fitted out with full customisation services and a Bokhour majlis, Ghawali boutiques celebrate the rituals of traditional Arabian perfumery, in a luxurious, contemporary setting.

Ghalia” is a word originating from the early development of perfumes in the region. It was used to describe the precious scents that travelling merchants brought to this region, and which they offered to the nobles as their own exclusive scents, or “Ghawalis” as they came to be known.

Ghawali understands your need to possess your own precious “Ghalia” and the desire to remain linked with culture and heritage through these fragrances,” reads a statement from the perfumery.

We have developed our luxurious collections specifically for the layering ritual, allowing the heady scents to envelop your skin at every touch point. From our Purifying Shower Gel to the final spray of our long-lasting Parfum, your skin and senses will be treated to layer upon layer of beautiful fragrances and formulas.” – Ghawali

Fragrance layering is the art of having a common base fragrance across all items in a collection consisting of bath-and-body products plus perfume. This base fragrance is then aromatically complimented by the additional ingredients in each of the individual products within that collection. This method optimises the impact of the base fragrance and allows it to have a lasting effect, but never overpowering.

Ghawali have sourced the world’s finest ingredients such as Amber, Damask Rose, Sandalwood, as well as the finest Ouds from India to create seven fragrances that form the aromatic base of its layering oriented collections: Al Abiq commences with warm notes of Cloves and Taif Rose followed by a woody base of Sandalwood and Amber; Al Barez has an inspiring composition with Citrusy top notes of Bergamot, a deep base which includes Musk and Patchouli, with floral highlights of Jasmine and Violet; Al Thara unveils a Raspberry aroma, followed by the emergence of Rose and Warm Leather; Al Athal combines traditional aromatic Luban Incense with Amber and Musk to create a warm and cocooning feel; Al Ezz features a woody Cedarwood note that is beautifully complemented by Vanilla, Apricot and Ylang Ylang; Al Nobl has citrusy top notes combined with Lilly of the Valley while Cedarwood and Sultan form the strong base; Al Azal features the oriental timelessness of Saffron and Cardamom in combination with Vanilla and Praline.

Customization and personalisation, along with layering, embody the spirit of Ghawali. This is why its luxurious collections have been developed to provide each client with the option of choosing their unique layering requirements. The Ghawali layering journey starts with the Bath and Body collection which includes purifying shower gel, luxurious body cream and precious hair & body oil. Then there are the signature fragrances and concentrated perfumes available with and without Oud. Finally, the Bokhour Range offers oud mouattar and dokhouns featuring Dehn-el-Ouds and Agarwood Chips. Each step from Bath and Body, to Fragrance and Oud, Oil and Bokhour, comes in matching scents to achieve an effective layering.

Customization can be taken a step further as Ghawali offers its clients the opportunity to create their own personalised fragrance and blend through its specialised Bespoke station where clients can choose from up to 30 different oils. Ghawali’s trained staff assist clients to better understand the finer nuances of each scent, and create the unique blend depending on one’s likes, personality, style and occasion. Ghawali’s collection of luxury gift-sets are also tailor-made to the client’s specification, including the complimentary engraving service.

A step into the Ghawali showroom is a journey through rituals and layering and is highlighted by the signature Bokhour room which recreates a majlis sense where clients are enveloped with the heady scent of smoke trail. In the UAE, Ghawali stores are located in Dubai Festival City, Dubai City Walk 2, The Dubai Mall Perfume & Co, the Dubai Mall Galeries Lafayette, and Al Ain Mall Abu Dhabi.

To accommodate the modern Arab lifestyle, Ghawali’s products are now available online at (Arabic) and (English).  The curious can now order a Coffret of the seven fragrances in 2 ml vials for only AED 50. The Coffret is delivered with an AED 50 gift card that is redeemable against online purchases.