Moynat, the maison founded in 1849 in Paris, is one of the oldest manufacturers of high-end, luxury luggage and leather goods, and is still one of the most coveted names among jet-setters. The maison, best known for its signature personalisation services, bespoke trunks, weekend bags and handbags, has recently opened its first gallery in the region; at the Dubai Mall.

Moynat also manufactures small leather goods which represent the brand’s distinctive elements from the past but with a modern take. This selection includes wallets for men and women, passport covers, card holders, travel wallets and pouches. These items may be small in size, but not small in skill or quality. Each piece is made from the finest materials and are built to withstand the test of time and daily wear.

Many of them feature light-hearted, signature thematic designs related to travel such as cars, trains and aeroplanes, among others. These designs can also be custom-made to order. This multi-colour designs are put together using the art of marquetry, whereby different pieces of leather that are cut and assembled so precisely that the joints are undetectable to both the eye and the touch.