Nasab in Arabic has the root meaning of origin, with derived meanings that include one’s link to the past and the future, a connection to a tribe, or a source of identity. Now, it has a new meaning: a workspace and social club bringing like-minded creatives, entrepreneurs and artists together to connect, collaborate and create. Nasab, however, is not open to everyone. It is Dubai’s, and the region’s, first members-only workspace; and membership is by invitation only.

Nasab plans to nurture a new breed of professionals who travel in style, appreciate upscale environments, work remotely and have a smaller division between their personal and professional lives; a new generation that prefers to create over a coffee or a casual meal rather than the previous generations preference to meetings in offices. The workspace cum social club that opened its doors in February 2019 was launched by KOA, the unique real estate concept created by Mohammed Zaal.

Our main aim throughout the development of Nasab has been to develop a space where creatives, entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals have a place to set up homes-away-from-home. We believe balance is everything, that’s why wellness facilities and event spaces play an intimate part in our environment. We wanted to create a space that works as a refuge where great things can happen for our members, a place in which they can effectively work as well as dine, attend events, meet like-minded individuals and form collaborations.

Mohammed Zaal

Designed by award-winning Dubai based firm, T.ZED Architects, Nasab is a mixed-use marvel spread over three floors of open-air loft house architecture featuring quiet alcoves that dot the property. The interior, designed by the renowned British designer Fran Hickman, echoes elements from around the region but in a subtle and distinct manner. The two have created a space that seamlessly merges old with new, the natural with urban, the age-old desire for exclusivity with a more relaxed atmosphere suited to contemporary creative lifestyles.

Nasab will offer a range of creative spaces including private offices, open desk spaces, meeting rooms, a photography studio, and a high altitude studio. Amenities include members-only fitness studio, meditation room, spa facilities, and three food & beverage outlets; for open social settings there are multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces such as a screening room, library, gallery space and an event-friendly roof space with an infinity pool.

The club will also offer a schedule of curated programming that functions as an immersive cultural magazine, where members can expect film screenings, musical performances, political talks, and art exhibitions. With complete freedom to work in a way that works for each individual member, Nasab hopes to be a home cum social club for creatives who weave leisure and entertainment seamlessly into daily life.

Membership applications are carefully handpicked, rather than granting admittance on a first-come-first-serve basis. Successful applicants are allotted into one of the four tiers of memberships. The club’s founding members, handpicked to represent the ethos of the Nasab community, include interior designer Linda Dekkers, photographer and DJ Fatma Al Bakry, founder of Raw Coffee Kim Thompson, set designer and stylist Lauren Haslam, singer & musician Layla Kardan, fashion photographer Moez Achour, and founder of T.Zed Architects Tarik Al Zaharna among others. With the club’s commitment to privacy and exclusivity, it is set to be a who’s who of the well-connected.

Nasab is uniquely positioned and the first of its kind in the UAE. Our hope is that it provides a much-needed space for those who shape and contribute to the creative industry – entrepreneurs, leaders in tech, art, design and fashion. The team have worked extraordinarily hard to create an incredible space; we can’t wait to now see the community grow within it,” said Mohammed Zaal.