Wedgwood, the iconic premium lifestyle brand founded in 1759 by Josiah Wedgwood, manufactures the highest quality fine bone china dinnerware, teaware, the iconic Jasperware as well as beautifully crafted ornamental pieces. Based on the principles of design, quality and innovation, and combined with its rich heritage of over 250 years, Wedgwood has become a true British cultural icon and a testament to the British entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship.

Wedgwood’s influence extends into fashion with long-standing collaborations with world-renowned designers Vera Wang and Jasper Conran. The recently unveiled Vera Jardin Collection forms part of the Vera Wang Wedgwood Elements of Style Collection and is an excellent example of the collaboration. Vera has created distinctive impressions in dinnerware, stemware, flatware and giftware to expressively address the sensibilities and lifestyles of today’s consumer.

The patterns are inspired by Vera’s love affair with nature and flora, in this case, the lush surroundings and fragrant botanicals of the gardens of the temples at West Lake in Hangzhou, China. They coalesce with Vera’s pen and ink oxalis drawings featuring fine gold tendrils, bronze petals, and shimmering leaves. These original prints compliment the table on fine white bone china, all designed to infuse positive energy into the home.

Vera Jardin Collection is the latest chapter in the long and illustrious history of the Wedgwood brand which began with Josiah Wedgwood; a master potter, inventor, pioneer, philanthropist, humanitarian, and entrepreneur. Aged just twenty-nine, Josiah started as an independent potter and began to experiment with clay, exploring its many possibilities.

Josiah Wedgwood, Founder of Wedgwood

During his lifetime, Josiah Wedgwood invented and produced three of Wedgwood’s most famous ceramic bodies – Queen’s Ware (1762), Black Basalt (1768) and Jasper (1774). These remain famous to this day.

In 1762, Josiah met Thomas Bentley; a well-travelled Liverpool potter and merchant who had a sound knowledge of classical and Renaissance art. The two formed a lifelong friendship and creative partnership which yielded probably Josiah’s most creative and prosperous period. Today, the Wedgwood and Bentley collection celebrates this partnership and is the pinnacle of the product portfolio. It encompasses the finest Wedgwood ornamental ware and luxury tableware, with each item made in England and meticulously decorated by hand by Master Craftsmen.

Jasperware, or simply Jasper is the most famous of Josiah’s inventions which first appeared in 1774. A vitreous fine stoneware, it is distinguished by its matte and “unglazed biscuit” finish. It has been made in blue, green, lilac, yellow, black or white; sometimes one piece combining three or more of these colours. The iconic light blue jasper gave rise to the expression “Wedgwood Blue” and remains a recognisable Wedgwood signature worldwide. Upon the delicately coloured grounds are applied the classical and contemporary reliefs which are still made today from moulds reproduced from the originals.

Innovation and an uncompromising commitment to quality were the foundation for Wedgwood’s enduring appeal among the world’s Royal families and Heads of State beginning with Queen Charlotte. She was so impressed with Wedgwood’s wares that she granted permission to Josiah to style himself ‘Potter to Her Majesty’ and call his innovative creamware ‘Queen’s Ware’. Since then, Wedgwood collections have graced the tables of every British monarch, the Vatican and many other illustrious Heads of State from the Kremlin to the White House. It is also the brand of choice for some of the world’s most prestigious hotels such as The Savoy, Berkeley and Connaught of London, The Langham group, India at The Ritz Carlton, Tokyo, and at the Oberon at The Hay Adams, Washington DC.