Sir Paul Smith takes MIB Suits to the next level

Sir Paul Smith was given the privilege of creating bespoke tailoring designs for the upcoming Men in Black film’s principal characters as well as the wider cast of secret agents. The project was a collaboration with the film’s Costume Designer Penny Rose.

From its origins in one small shop in Nottingham, England, in 1970, Paul Smith has grown into a global business, selling in over seventy countries and offers premium collections for men, women and children, including shoes, accessories, fragrance and home furnishings. Throughout its development, Paul Smith’s values of curiosity, quality and authenticity have remained constant. He is renowned for his inventive use of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design to create beautiful, desirable, modern pieces.

Previous installments of the blockbuster film franchise have cemented the Men in Black’s suits amongst the most iconic tailored garments in film history. For the 2019 installment of the film’s franchise, titled Men in Black: International, the Men in Black agents will be elegantly attired with better-tailored suits than ever before. Enlisting the help of Paul Smith, famed for tailoring for both men and women, seemed a natural step.

As a designer famous for his tailoring what could be better than receiving a call to say we’d love to use Paul Smith suits in Men in Black™? Simple suits but it’s all about the cut.” – Paul Smith

Penny Rose, elaborated on the collaboration: “I’d already begun developing and researching the costume design for Sony Pictures’ new instalment of the Men in Black franchise when I was asked if would partner with Paul Smith. From the moment I met with Paul, I knew it was going to be a very advantageous arrangement for us all. The suits look great, and now that filming is over, I look back with great affection on this collaboration. This will be the most sartorially elegant Men in Black ever.

Together, Penny and Paul have designed suits for Agent H, played by Chris Hemsworth, and Agent M, played by newcomer Tessa Thompson. The suit for Agent H challenges the constrictions of the Men in Black uniform with a colourful lining, a known feature of Paul Smith tailoring, along with a pair of Paul Smith signature stripe socks for an irreverent finish. Agent M wears a two-button double-breasted trouser suit. Both suits are made in Paul Smith’s ‘A Suit To Travel In’ cloth, an all-wool cloth that has natural crease resistance.

Emma Thompson, who makes a return to the franchise to play Agent O, also wears one-off Paul Smith designs. Two other agents will also appear on screen wearing Paul Smith’s three-piece and two-piece suits.

Paul Smith is also working on a new Men in Black™ inspired retail collection to launch in time for the film release.