As first jeweller of the Place Vendôme, the distinguished maison created by Frederic Boucheron in 1858 and built through four generations of direct descendants and visionary designers, Boucheron embodies excellence in Jewellery, High Jewellery and Watchmaking.

The Boucheron style, free and audacious, continues to create timeless classics. To celebrate 160 years of visionary creations, the maison is expanding its signature Serpent Bohème collection this year by adding two new coloured stones.

There is an air of mystery in Serpent Bohème. A captivating design that attracts women of character and fires their femininity. Since first emerging from the maison’s workshop in 1968, the Serpent Bohème Collection has endured over the years to become a Boucheron classic. The collection embodies the free spirit and the creativity of Maison Boucheron,” said the maison Boucheron in a statement.

Last year, the Serpent Bohème saw its traditional pavé diamonds paired with colourful stones such as amethyst, citrine, onyx, white pearl and lapis lazuli to display her exuberance. The two debutants of this year are described as “contrary but complementary.”

Rhodolite Garnet has clarity and a raspberry tint. Through its brilliance, it stands “as a symbol of kindness, peace and serenity.” Whereas, Malachite is an opaque stone with nuances of green that varies from one model to the next.

The debutants are available in the following items: rings in S motif, L motif and Toi & Moi; stud earrings in S motif, sleepers in L motif, and pendant earrings in XS and L motifs; pendants in S and M motifs; long necklaces in ‘6’ motifs and ’16’ motifs. All of these designs are available in pink or yellow gold. The bracelet in S motif is only available with Rhodolite Garnet set in pink gold.

The new Rhodolite Garnet and Malachite pieces have been available from April 2018 at selected retail outlets.