In the rhythmic world of Marguerite, the feminine is dominant, and romance is atmospheric. A darker female butterfly is perched on a daisy petal that rotates every hour while a lighter male sits lightly atop a stem and flutters his way around the white mother-of-pearl dial in tune with the passing of the minutes. The romantic illusion does not end there. On pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock, the Arabic numerals on the dial disappear to reveal a hidden personalised message.

The watch can display any message requested by the owner, in the desired language, with a limited number of characters.

The secret of this hidden message lies in Marguerite’s 36.90 mm dial which has two layers. A metallised transparent sapphire upper disc bearing a mosaic of transparent squares rotates over the fixed mother-of-pearl lower disc overlaid with another pad-printed varnished mosaic incorporating the text and the numerals. Releasing the pusher makes the hour display disappear and the message to appear instantly.

The Marguerite jewellery watch is currently available in two versions. One is in 5N red gold set with 98 champagne-toned diamonds (0.86 carat). The bezel is set with 73 diamonds, the lug at 6 o’clock set with 17 diamonds, and the lug at 12 o’clock set with eight diamonds. The Daisy pistil is crowned with a natural purple amethyst and is surrounded by twelve petals in 4N pink gold, lacquered in graded shades ranging from 5N red gold to matt white. The strap is an Aubergine-colored alligator.

The second is an even precious version set with 5N red gold and snow-set with 315 diamonds (1.82 carats). The bezel set features 261 diamonds, the lug at 6 o’clock has 21 diamonds, and the lug at 12 o’clock has 33 diamonds. The daisy pistil is crowned with a ruby and is surrounded by twelve petals in 4N pink gold, set with 143 diamonds. The strap is a Red alligator.

On the back of both versions is a playful “He loves me… he loves me not” game; the feminine distraction invented in the Middle Ages. To play, the watch must be placed in a horizontal position and accompanied by one or two undulating movements. The oscillating weight then turns for a few seconds before standing still. The stone closest to the red-lacquered heart indicates the answer – an emerald with the indication “yes” or a ruby with the indication “no” in the centre. Both versions are limited to 30 pieces worldwide.