The Ritual of Hammam is a range of luxury body products inspired by the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. You can create your own luxury spa at home using products from the collection to relax your body and purify the mind with the revitalizing fragrance of refreshing eucalyptus.

Start by creating a relaxing atmosphere with the therapeutic Scented Candle and Fragrance Sticks. After the mood is set, start the cleansing ritual with the Black Soap which will remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling silky soft and prepare it for exfoliation. Next step is to use the Kessa Glove for exfoliating the body while you receive a revitalizing massage.

Follow with the Hot Scrub, which contains purifying sea salt, warming ginger and refreshing eucalyptus that instantly reduces fatigue and boosts your mind. Continue the ritual with the Body Mud that contains mineral-rich rhassoul clay which intensively purifies and polishes the skin by removing dead skin cells.

Proceed with the Foaming Shower Gel that contains a purifying, refreshing fragrance that pleasantly and softly cleanses the skin, while also helping it repair itself.

For nourished and supple skin that stays soft all day long, complete your ritual by applying the moisturizing Body Cream after the shower.

The complete collection includes also a soothing Bath Oil, a refreshing Bed & Body Mist, a deep cleansing Volume & Shine Shampoo and a warming Massage Oil for an all-round spa experience.