Ferdinand Berthoud presents two new variants of the Chronomètre FB 1 in white gold (FB 1.1-2) and rose gold (FB 1.2-1) which also feature new decorations.

The Chronomètre FB 1.1-2 combines an 18-carat white gold case with an 18-carat yellow gold dial which also features a patina created using a combination of engraving techniques. Each dial is hand-engraved and then subtly coloured to perfect the overall legibility. It is the first creation in its lineage to feature gem-setting instead of the sapphire crystal portholes that revealed the key movement components. The FB 1.2-1 is nearly identical except for the case being made of 18-carat rose gold.

For the first time, on the case-back, the FB 1 collection features a “pyramid” motif decoration adorning the entire surface of its three half-bridges. The material is cut free-hand with flawless precision and regularity using a graver. The “pyramid” decoration is inspired by the base of a clock by Ferdinand Berthoud.

These two new variants are five-piece limited editions. They are directly inspired by a model created by one of Ferdinand Berthoud’s students; the astronomical pocket watch No. 3 of 1806. It is now part of the L.U.CEUM collection in Fleurier.