Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, one of the first watch distributors in the Gulf region and the Official Rolex Retailer in Dubai for almost 60 years, inaugurated the world’s largest Rolex boutique at the world’s largest shopping mall this year. Rolex’s new flagship boutique, located at Dubai Mall’s latest extension – the Fashion Avenue, is a three-storey structure with a total retail space of an unprecedented 850 square metres and includes an area devoted to the exploration of the world of Rolex.

“This outstanding boutique offers a total Rolex experience. We are delighted to bring the history of the Rolex brand and its know-how together in this way in association with our long-time partner, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons”, said Jean-Frédéric Dufour, Chief Executive Officer of Rolex SA

The ground level of the boutique features a visually spectacular showroom. The decor, sales counters, tables, furniture and the watch collections on display are in keeping with the tradition of Rolex boutiques around the world. A wide range of the legendary watchmaker’s timepieces are on display to suit all tastes and requirements.

The interior space is dominated by a chandelier; a spectacular glass lighting installation that was specially designed and custom-made for the boutique. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic by glass specialists, it features layers of coloured glass which are inspired by the ‘Cyclops’ lens on Rolex watches that magnify the date display. As a result, the glass pieces on the chandelier also have a magnifying effect. The imposing chandelier illuminates the ground floor as well as the mezzanine floor above as they share an open space.

The chandelier is just one example of the many specially designed features present throughout the boutique. For example, the pillars made from Noce Travertine stone from Italy and covered in bronze. They add to the elegance of the space and also create a sequenced means of separating areas within the boutique. The wall panels that surround the room have gold elements which project the fluted bezel of a Rolex watch in 3D. The acoustics have been given careful attention to enhance the comfort of the customers. For the convenience of the patrons of the store, the mezzanine and third floors can be accessed by a lift.

On the second level is the mezzanine, an exclusive area with a dazzling decor. It has a shared open space with the ground floor because of the common open space which houses the chandelier. The walls feature leather trim and gold-leaf detailing and are adorned with images inspired by the cut of a diamond, or Rolex crowns made of gold watch indexes and appliques.

The entire third floor is dedicated to the aptly named ‘Rolex Experience’, a genuinely unique experience being offered by Rolex for the first time in Dubai. It provides the visitor with an opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of Rolex; its heritage, its watches, its savoir-faire, its manufacture, its sponsorships, its philanthropic activities and testimonials from notable clientele. The Rolex Experience space consists of four distinctive areas: the reception, the screening room, the exhibition space, and the lounge.

In the darkened screening room, the film entitled ‘The epic of the Oyster, the watch that defies time and elements’ takes the visitors through the story of Rolex; about the brand’s founder Hans Wilsdorf; his pioneering invention, the Oyster, the world’s first waterproof wristwatch; it recounts its many adventures from the highest summits to the deepest part of the oceans, and on the wrists of pioneers, artists, athletes and visionaries.

The exhibition space features various themed exhibits presented on display panels inspired by the Oyster bracelet-link structure. To mark the boutique opening, the ‘Sea-Dweller’ exhibit will be on display for the first few months. Subdivided further into three parts – Deep, Deeper, and Deepest – it chronicles the evolution of Rolex divers’ watches, from the Submariner to the Sea-Dweller to the Rolex Deepsea, and the part Rolex chronographs have played in the exploration of the deepest, darkest depths of our oceans.

The lounge, with its elegant and relaxed atmosphere, is where visitors can relax, converse, enjoy refreshments, and read books or magazines about Rolex. The decor features such refinements as stone flooring and silk carpets, wood wall panelling, use of luxurious fabrics and leather sofas. Six screens situated around the lounge transport the visitor to the inner workings of the four Rolex sites in Switzerland, to the watch assemblies, to the workshops and unravels the magic behind the brand.

“We are honoured to partner with Rolex on this major endeavour that represents a landmark for our retail operation which, over half a century, has grown from a single shop in Souk Bur Dubai to more than 65 watch boutiques across the UAE, including five Rolex Boutiques and 12 points of sale in Dubai. The latest Rolex Boutique will showcase Rolex watches in spectacular surroundings. This collaboration marks an enduring relationship and our continued passion for the Rolex brand” – Abdul Hamied Ahmed Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of Seddiqi Holding

“The latest Rolex Boutique will showcase Rolex watches in spectacular surroundings,” said Abdul Hamied Ahmed Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of Seddiqi Holding. “This collaboration marks an enduring relationship and our continued passion for the Rolex brand.”