Showcase your personality with Glassing Sunglasses

There’s no better way to add massive amounts of style to your outfit than to pair it with sunglasses that make a statement.

Glassing, born in 2010 and started by Alessandro Forte and Stefano Ottone, offers ultimate luxury eyewear for the world traveller. Over the years, the brand has become a favourite among A-list celebrities and the jet-set elite. Glassing sunglasses are distributed in approximately 1500 selected optical stores worldwide and in some luxury boutiques. The brand also has four flagship stores in addition to a yacht store with new openings planned both in Italy and abroad.

Right from the start, Glassing stands out for its desire to experiment and create state-of-the-art glasses. There are a lot of different styles of sunglasses out there, from the classic conservatives to the creative eclectics. Discover which style best complements your unique personality with GLASSING’s arrays of suggested shades and styles.

Wayfarer-Style for the Party Girl – For the girl who is always game for a party and gets along with everyone. These glasses are perfect for the party-goer as they work with every pattern, color and print under the sun.

Cat Eyes for the Cool Girl – For the girl who never leaves home without her leather jacket and is basically ready for anything up-and-coming. These glasses give a good-girl-gone-bad vintage look that is too irresistible to pass up.

Round Frames for the Fashion Girl – For the girl who belongs to the cult of crop tops and makes anything look trendy. These round frames are chic statement-makers – perfect for the summer.

Aviators for the Oh-So Classy – For the girl who spends her weekends baking recipes from her Pinterest boards and has sorority house-levels of team spirit. With mirrored lenses, the aviators add a playful pop-of-color that she always looks for in an accessory.